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Kaiser, Matthias

Austrian ceramics artist

Matthias Kaiser studied at Parsons school of design in NY and at Vienna´s university of applied arts, apprenticed with two Japanese master potters in Seto and Karatsu, he spent a combined 2 years travelling on the Indian subcontinent and for a period of 13 years he was the Akhavan of an Iranian dervish.
His vocation remains. To make pots.

Matthias Kaiser focus on the inherent qualities of the material and the succession of steps that constitute the process of creation. Trying to reveal, not hide, what is there and has been done. And to give respite from the world of contrived concepts and passing excitement. He has always had an affinity to mystery and obsession.
The alchemical transformation of earth into stone and glass is full of uncertainties and a neverending source of amazement. By subtracting Industrial processes as far as possible from the refinement of the raw materials and totally from manufacture, the finished pieces retain a heterogenous appearance.
They are a sum of parts, with infinite possible combinations of shape and surface, texture and color, weight and size. His pots contain more than a functional and decorative aspect, their poetry lies in the balance of intent and accident as well as in the interplay of physical attributes.


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