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spaces tell stories

an intervention in KlausEngelhorn Depot by chmara.rosinke

The two Vienna-based polish designers, Maciej Chmara and Anna Rosinke present simple and intuitive appearing objects. Aesthetical means are reduced to an archetypical minimum and try to explain its function on their own. With spatial interventions like the mobile hospitality, that received this year's DMY award or their project functional green, they create an interior communicating sensuality, delight and emotional needs.

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mobile hospitality

The project mobile hospitality (Mobile Gastfreundschaft) pays attention to an important aspect of our design work – the responsibility and the self-initiative in public space. The city plays as a space a difficult role. On the one hand it does not belong to anyone, on the other hand it belongs to all, but it is merely used by us actively, as it was in former times. It has decreased to the background of our everyday activities. Responsibility for the outdoor space, for most of the residents stops at their garden fence. The project mobile hospitality starts just here.

We were driving with the wheelbarrow kitchen, -table and ten folding stools from place to place to sit and eat in public space with spontaneously joining passers-by. At this big table, design meets delight and generates a very good opportunity to get to know each other.

The formal language of the objects is kept very clear and deals consciously with DIY aesthetics. All the objects are made out of massive wood and replenished with additional functions, like for example a foot pump for running water or pots with growing spices.

An important aim for our design process was to bring a smile to people passing by and to communicate with very basic means the sensuality and delight of food-culture. All the objects are foldable and mobile.

The project in form of a happening took place in 2011 in Dornbirn, Bregenz, Feldkirch and Vaduz and was supported by Art Design Feldkirch. Mobile hospitality is a winner of DMY International Design Festival 2012 Award

functional green

A part of our project was based in a former slaughterhouse near the Volkertmarkt and was more of a work-in-progress project. During the exhibition we have tried to experiment with the plant as a media. We have worked with formal and functional aspects, that could change the appearance of plants, especially vegetables in our homes. Besides a small watering and organic bokashi fertilizer system we have installed an aquaponic system in the scale of a normal piece of furniture. In our aquarium are living crawfish, the dirt water is filtered through the plants growing above and these plants are fertilized by the dirt water. An aquaponic system shows an interesting natural circle and has to be considered as a small “farm” that you have in your living room instead of a conventional aquarium with colourful „not functional“ fish.

KlausEngelhorn Depot
Abelegasse 10
1160 Wien

28.09.2012 - 07.10.2012
Opening hours: daily, 12am - 7pm
Cocktail: Sa, 29.09.2012, 6pm

Contact: Michael Turkiewicz, +43 664 42 69 109,


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