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Ulmer Stehhilfe

Standing desk by breadedEscalope

New requirements are shaping new products. Things that worked yesterday have to alter to endure. Times are changing and so do the proportions. Max Bills design classic ("ulmer hocker" 1954) is scaled to a new height, to comply a new function.

The Ulmer Steh-Hilfe is a podium for lectures and bar table for discussions.

It’s clearly structured and easy to transport.

Proximity through distance:
The Ulmer Steh-Hilfe serves as a psychological prop, supporting both sides.

Two persons are standing towards each other, but however the Ulmer Steh-Hilfe separates them, and makes them feel less vulnerable. This distance is far smaller than without it, because by the separation of space, the personal distance to the counterpart is minimized. Therefore a more relaxed atmosphere accrues, a communication bridge, which eases and positively influences conversation.

Material: oak, spruce, beech, maple

Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 105

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