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High Chair by breadedEscalope

High Chair "Olymp"

originated in course of 2 performances at the exhibition ”Austrian Design – raw and delicate” during the ”Salone Internazionale del Mobile”, Milano 2012

monoblock plastic chair, beech wood

width 80 cm
depth 90 cm
height 150 cm

"Love Me Bender"

by breadedEscalope


The project evolved out of participation to an exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna.

The contribution, dealing with the theme of wood, was initiated as a representation of the Furniture collection, especially reacting to the MAK´s big and famous Thonet collection.

The experimental set up is approaching the method of wood bending on a simplified and low tech basis.

Teakettles on cooking plates are used the heat up water. The evolving vapour is then conducted to aluminium pipes via flexible hoses. The wood, placed in the aluminium pipes is steamed for a certain amount of time, to later on be bent over loose defined radii or bent and fitted directly on existing objects.

By combining and recombining discarded parts and leftovers of the product industry, the process is used as a link between old and new.

The short period of time where the wood is flexible enough to be bent is opening up a highly performative handling of the production. This performative strategy is continued by using the boiling water in the kettles for making tea or using them as heat-sources at the same time, to create a friendly, communicative surrounding for visitors and participants.

The loose outcome is closely connected to the process, reacting to trial and error and searching for aesthetics within the working procedure.

Love me Bender is an ongoing project, which is exploring the restrictions of both, the material and the machinery.

It is planned to create a representative amount of experiments to cover the possibilities of using or abusing this production method, taking it beyond mass fabrication.

A small amount of finished objects and a detailed publication accompanying the project from the first experiments and variations to the finished objects are defined as the end of this venture.

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