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Silver Oil Vase

by Matthias Kaiser

Handmade by Matthias Kaiser, 2019

Measures: Height 28.5 cm / 11,22 in

Two bulbous shapes were joined to create this oil can-inspired vase.
Because of its round base, it can be tilted in the woven straw trivet and its position adjusted to the desired angle. It is conceived as a desktop or tabletop vase for one or two flowers only.
The material used is a hand harvested stoneware clay from Austria. It has been fired three times. During the reducing high temperature glaze firing, the round base has been supported by seashells, the marks of which can be seen around the bottom of the vessel.
The sliver surface was achieved with a silver overglaze imported from Japan. It contains actual silver and will patinize over time, but can always be polished back to a sheen with silver polish.

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